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  SMS Hubbing & Transport
  In addition to the primary extension of connectivity and cost reduction benefits brought by Broadband Telecom SMS transit, a partnership with Broadband Telecom enables an MNO to generate revenue through a bilateral connection to Broadband Telecom Hub. Thus the MNO-s idle capacity can be utilised for termination of other MNO subscriber traffic to networks where default, non-interconnected coverage exists. Traffic strictly managed to prevent volume imbalances at the receiving networks.
  Simplicity and Sophistication – Key Benefits:
  • A single point of entry into a central hub serving globally dispersed networks for SMS coverage.
  • A single bill based on per message cost only, with no monthly or set-up costs.
  • A single rich and uniform feature set, regardless of the destination network an SMS is sent to,            and regardless of the route assigned.
  • Intelligent routing based on patented algorithms for route finding, testing and monitoring – on      real- time live message streams and without added latency.
      Anti-Spam – Anti-Bulk:
      Broadband Telecom adheres to strict Anti-Spam and Anti-Bulk policies, the technical core of which is an advanced in-transit SMPP filter platform. Broadband Telecom SMS transit is for termination of subscriber and neutral M2P transaction traffic only; no Bulk, Marketing or Premium content is allowed. This makes the stability of the service to rival that of the most expensive IC-d SMSC-s – at a fraction of the cost.
      SMS Management and Appraisal:
      Broadband Telecom also offers clients and partners testing, consulting and management services based on the knowledge and experience of SMS. Broadband Telecom can provide a detailed analysis of an operator’s SMS Carriers infrastructure, including identification and resolving of SMS vulnerabilities
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      SMS Hubbing & Transport
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